ALARABI: Iraqi journalist shoe-thrower a national hero, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 12-16-08

Iraqi journalist hailed as a national hero
By Ali Alrabi — 
American journalists often say: “I am American first.” Then they ask, is Muntather Alzaidi a hero or a villain? According to Alzaidi, he said, “I am an Iraqi first.” For many, Muntather Alzaidi’s action of throwing his famous shoes at George Bush during press conferences in Baghdad has optimized Iraqi people’s feelings about George Bush and his legacy in Iraq as they see it.


Alzaidi expressed his sentiments of resentment against Bush by a harmless weapon, his shoes, accompanying by his famous words “ this your kiss goodbye ya Chalb, ( dog)”  which is taken as a great insult in the Arab world, but not as bad for George Bush or in the Western culture.


For the most part, the shoe story was the dominant news in the Arab world this past weekend. It was part humor and part vindication against George Bush in his “farewell” trip top Iraq. Aljazeera played out the tape and marched journalist s and analysts as well as the Alzaidi’s brother to talk about this event that mesmerized the Arab world.


A Wealthy Saudi offered 10 million dollars for the shoe in order to make it a symbol of freedom that “vindicated the humiliated Arab pride”

A Lebanese TV station, New TV, already offered Alzaidi a job at the station.


Iranian people were overjoyed at the Iraqi journalist’s gesture. Text messages and emails flew at a high speed rate between all over the world. Face book fans created page for Alzaidi and his fans are already in the thousands and keep going by the minute.


Al-Jazeera also showed scenes of ordinary Iraqis cheering Alzaidi’s actions calling him an Iraqi hero, who expressed=2 0their opposition to the occupation of their country.


Only the Kurdish journalists in northern Iraq had issued a statement against Alzaidi and his action calling him “unprofessional” and the official Iraqi journalist association also condemned Alzaidi.


Arab journalists though stressed that the action was inappropriate, though they understand the man’s feelings about the occupation of his country.


Alzaidi’s action is not unusual except that it was more graphic and more colorful than what an American or Japanese journalist would do when he/she feels that his country was railroaded and destroyed by another.


Many American journalists on and after September 11, have discussed how they felt on that fateful day as to whether  to report the news without having their own feelings expressed as they were witnessing a great tragedy and that their country was under attack at a moment of vulnerability and great uncertainty .


Dan Rather and all of the leading American journalists have said on many interviews occasions, talking about their feelings that day that” I am an American first” The same sentiments was also expressed by the late Tim Russert, the famous host of NBC’s iconic show Meet the Press, have said many times that he is an American first before he is being a journalist at times when his country is under attack.


Fox news, a news organization, not particularly known for its journalistic austerity, and often blurs the lines between journalism and propaganda, has took it upon itself to be an apologetic for the war in Iraq and made itself to be the unofficial mouth piece of the what later on turned on to be lies that led to the war in Iraq.


Bill O’Reilly, Fox news talk show host was militant in his pro war statements and talk shows and actively advocating for the  invasion of Iraq to “get rid of weapons of mass destructions”


Was he being a professional journalist who was supposed to report n the news and not making it up, or speak on behalf of George Bush and Dick Cheney’s administration? Many people will frown at the notion that O’Reilly is actually a journalist. It was not surprising, therefore, that when the White House, wanted to hire a new press secretary, they hired former Fox news talk show host the late Tony Snow.


Muntather Alzaidi will be remembered as an Iraqi patriot who wanted to hurl an insult at a man who he feels had destroyed his country and his people.


Though Alzaidi has suffered severe beatings according to the tape we saw broadcasted around the globe and according to CNN’s journalists who were present at the press conference and who told me that American security were trying to prevent the Iraqi guards from brutally abusing and beating the man. Hundreds of Arab and western lawyers are now volunteering to defend him against Iraqi charges, fearing torture and for his life, calls are being made to the Iraqi government to release him.


It is strange however, to see how the Iraqi government and its security behaving in a manner that is not much different than the way Saddam and his security behaved toward ordinary Iraqis.


Witnessing the destruction of his country and the world h e grew up and lived in, Muntather Alzaidi had simply felt, before everything else, that he is an Iraqi first.


(Ali Alarabi is an awardwinning journalist and media specialist and can be reached at

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    Montazar alzaidy is an Iraqi TV reporter. He was supposed to be reporting the final touches of the mock peaceful wholesale of Iraq to the American invaders by the puppet Iraqi government, which was rigged under occupation.

    Instead, he expressed the feelings of the vast majority of Iraqis by hurling his footwear missiles at George Walker Bush, the worst and most inept president in the history of the United States of America. Alzaidy shouted in Arabic, “This is the farewell kiss, ye dog, from the people of Iraq…from all the widows, the orphans and those you have killed.”

    The spin mass media was preparing for a different scenario, where the American clown would end his evil terrorist adventure in Iraq by demonstrating to world TV viewers how he ‘liberated’ Iraq in a noble mission that never aimed to ‘bring Iraq back to the stone age’, as he once claimed he would do.

    By calling Bush a dog, Alzaidy never realised that he was insulting dogs. Dogs are innocent creatures with nothing in common with Bush, except that both are loyal to their masters. Dogs are loyal to their owners who feed them. Bush is loyal to extremist quasi religious Jewish and Christian Zionists who are in full control of US government, those psychopaths who think that they will manage to control the world.

    Resistance is still simmering in Iraq. Americans have the choice of continuing to stay in Iraq and slowly bleed to death, or partially withdraw and be overwhelmed by the Iraqi National Resistance, or admit defeat and get the hell out of there. In all cases, ‘failure is the only option’:


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