CARTOON: Iraqi shoe-thrower a hero, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 12-16-08


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Ray Hanania’s World Comic Strip
Dec. 16, 2008
Muntadar al-Zaidi is a national hero in Iraq who turned to a form of non-violent protest against the occupier George W. Bush, and was brutally beaten and attacked afterwards. Bush’s guards broke three of al-Zaidi’s ribs, his arm and bloodied him. Who is really violent?

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    By: Mohammed A. Hegazi
    Montazar alzaidy is an Iraqi TV reporter. He was supposed to be reporting the final touches of the mock peaceful wholesale of Iraq to the American invaders by the puppet Iraqi government, which was rigged under occupation.

    Instead, he expressed the feelings of the vast majority of Iraqis by hurling his footwear missiles at George Walker Bush, the worst and most inept president in the history of the United States of America. Alzaidy shouted in Arabic, “This is the farewell kiss, ye dog, from the people of Iraq…from all the widows, the orphans and those you have killed.”

    The spin mass media was preparing for a different scenario, where the American clown would end his evil terrorist adventure in Iraq by demonstrating to world TV viewers how he ‘liberated’ Iraq in a noble mission that never aimed to ‘bring Iraq back to the stone age’, as he once claimed he would do.

    By calling Bush a dog, Alzaidy never realised that he was insulting dogs. Dogs are innocent creatures with nothing in common with Bush, except that both are loyal to their masters. Dogs are loyal to their owners who feed them. Bush is loyal to extremist quasi religious Jewish and Christian Zionists who are in full control of US government, those psychopaths who think that they will manage to control the world.

    Resistance is still simmering in Iraq. Americans have the choice of continuing to stay in Iraq and slowly bleed to death, or partially withdraw and be overwhelmed by the Iraqi National Resistance, or admit defeat and get the hell out of there. In all cases, ‘failure is the only option’:

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