Mainstream media always misses the story

Mainstream media always misses the story
By Ray Hanania — Over the years, I have been on both sides of the fence, as a journalist and as a media consultant. It’s a hazard of the journalism profession. The big media have so screwed up the industry that it’s not possible to really earn a living in Journalism. So these days, in addition to writing columns, I do media relations for clients under the title Urban Strategies Group.

But nothing can stop me from expressing my opinions, critical of government and critical of the media.

The Town of Cicero, one of my clients now, hosted a Health Fair this past Saturday. More than 2,000 people showed up at the Community Center building to learn about all of the Town’s free and low-cost healthcare and dental services.

On Sunday, the Town of Cicero joined the City of Berwyn to host one of the most successful Houby Day Parades in the region’s history celebrating Czech history. The Grand Marshall was Svengoolie (Rich Koz) who hosts the Saturday TV show on WCIU and who is also a Berwyn native.

He tossed out 250 rubber chickens to the public – usually the rubber chickens are thrown at him.

It was a phenomenal weekend for the people of Cicero and Berwyn. More than 25,000 people lined the 18 block parade route.

But where was the Chicago media? None of them bothered to cover the events, although the Chicago Sun-Times did another one of their political hatchet jobs distorting some facts and portraying issues in the worst possible light.

It would have been nice if the Sun-Times had covered either event. But the Sun-Times doesn’t care about the people of Cicero and they are not going to come out and cover events in which the people of Cicero are benefiting. Why? Maybe it is because the majority of residents in Cicero are Hispanic and the Sun-Times doesn’t sell a lot of newspapers to Hispanics?

Race is one of the issues because if Larry Dominick were the President of Winnetka, I can assure you they wouldn’t be bashing Winnetka at all.

But Cicero is Hispanic and the fact that the Mexican American community came out in force to help celebrate a Czech festival and the Houby Day Parade is remarkable. It shows you how Hispanics are “team” players. They support everyone else. They enjoyed the Houby Day festival just as they also celebrated the El Grito Festival and celebration the week before for Mexican Independence.

I wouldn’t be so upset with the Sun-Times, I guess, if they spent at least a little effort reporting on the positive things the Town of Cicero is doing. But they don’t. They only care about the negative stories.

They think, wrongly, that the negative stories sell newspapers. Well, they are the posterchild for the message that negative stories do not sell newspapers. The fact is, according to several online official and blog sources, the Sun-Times circulation is dropping and dropping fast. It’s down to 219,000 papers a day, compared to 500,000 some six years ago.

Obviously, their bad news coverage is not helping them.

It’s too bad. I worked at the Chicago Sun-Times year ago. It was a great newspaper. It was the “bright one.” But today, the newspaper is little more than a slander sheet that creates controversy and ignores community concerns.

The people of Cicero enjoyed the Mexican American festivals, the Health Festival and the Houby Day Parade.

It’s too bad the Chicago Sun-Times doesn’t think Cicero is worth covering.

For more information, visit the Facebook Page of the Town of Cicero at

(Ray Hanania is the spokesman for the Town of Cicero and President/CEO or Urban Strategies Group media consulting. He can be reached at

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