People you’d love to see run for office

People you’d love to see run for office
By Ray Hanania – I was listening to the media blah, blah, blah about Sarah Palin guest hosting on the Today Show to counter the very popular Katie Couric on Good Morning America.

For NBC, it’s a chance to hit back at Couric who left to try her hand at the evening news. For Plain, it’s a chance to hit back at Couric, too, who asked what should have been a simple question for a vice presidential candidate to answer: what do you read?

That presumes the questions that Sarah Palin is an avid reader of current affairs news. Clearly, at least from the compelling HBO docu-drama about Palin’s pathetic performance as John McCain’s running mate, “Game Change,” Palin doesn’t know what current affairs is.

Now, I dislike the mainstream media and love the phrase “lame stream media” that Palin has been using the bash the media bashers. But, since Palin has been using it, I think I’ll let her keep it to herself.

Who wants to be associated with her?

Her spitball “anyone but Obama” mantra reminds me of the racism that fueled the candidacy of Bernard Epton whose backers embraced his “before it’s too late” campaign line with A mantra similar to Palin’s, “anyone but Harold Washington.”

I did wonder if I could pick who should run for public office, who that might be. And I noticed a story about former Gov. Jim Edgar moving to Springfield, but assuring the “lame stream media” that he’s not planning a return to politics.

That’s too bad. Edgar was one of the best politicians this state ever had. He was kind of like Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton, on a local statewide level.

I wish he would reconsider and enter the race to help bring the Illinois Titanic from sinking.

He’d make a great candidate.

I also kind of wish Rich Daley would come back. While Mayor Daley forgot all of his Southwest Side friends who helped him get elected, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a mean streak that is unbecoming of a politician. It fits more to the personality of a piranha.

But who really wants a Chicago mayor who is a piranha? Well, maybe, the writers of the exciting Starz original TV series that is on hiatus these days, “Boss,” which starred Kelsey Grammer and featured a mayor who had an alderman whacked, took drugs and was all about infidelity.

Is this what happens to a country that has become the singularly most important and powerful country in the whole wide world? That we rise to the pinnacle of success only to see ourselves disintegrate from within, led to the slaughter by incompetent officials who care only about their own images rather than the principles that once made this country so great?

When things were tougher, and we weren’t so secure, we were a far better people as a civilization.

But We Americans have Been spoiled by success. We have become mean, greedy and not very good at doing the things that we claim is our foundation.

Two out of the three in “Baseball, mom and apple pie” are no longer affordable – baseball and apple pie. And you can add gasoline to that list. And many mom’s are all alone, left to raise families and scrounge for their living.

What have we become?

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