Olympic uniforms controversy, so typically hypocritical

When It Comes To Uniforms, Why Be So Bain?
By RAY HANANIA • Friday, July 20, 2012
Southwest News-Herald Newspaper – In principle, it sure sounds reasonable to ask why the uniforms to be worn by the U.S. Olympic team would be made in China.

After all, the team is supposed to be representing America, and one would think they would be wearing American-made clothing.

But this is America and the fact that the uniforms were made in China is not really shocking. Just very political.

You can’t walk through an American retail store of any kind without running in to products made in China. From clothing to electronic gadgets and children’s toys.

It sure sounds hypocritical when our political leaders complain about the U.S. Olympic Team wearing Chinese-made clothing when there are so many other examples of Chinese products in this country, too.

The politicians and even the media reporting the story are using Chinese made products to report the story and hold their press conferences to complain. The clothes many of them are wearing are made in China, too.

The official baseballs we pitch at American baseball games are made in China, too. Why is it wrong for the U.S. Olympic Team but not wrong for our baseball leagues?

The problem isn’t in China. It’s right here in America.

Americans outsource jobs to many foreign countries that should be held by Americans.

When Mitt Romney headed Bain Capital, it outsourced jobs overseas that could have gone to Americans.

Lots of companies do it, but not all of them are owned by someone running for president of the United States.

Romney claims he left Bain Capital BEFORE the company engaged in outsourcing employees at its holdings. Confusing it more is Romney’s refusal to release his income tax statements for those years that he claims he was not at Bain Capital.

Romney is only releasing the most recent two years of income taxes. He claims former presidential candidate John McCain only released two years of income taxes, so why should he release more?

Well, his father released 12 years of income taxes when he ran for president.

Why are the income taxes important? They could resolve the issue of when Romney actually left Bain Capital. He says he left BEFORE the outsourcing of jobs took place, and though he owns the company he wasn’t in charge or made that decision. President Barack Obama says he was in fact running Bain Capital far longer than he is willing to admit and was in charge when the outsourcing took place.

Outsourcing is a problem.

Just this week, I had to call to ask a question about a service I was receiving, and the “Help Line” patched me into a woman who clearly was speaking with an Indian or Pakistani accent. In the majority of those instances, the person helping is not in an office in the United States, but in a telephone sweat shop in a foreign country.

Why didn’t that American company hire an American to take my call?

It’s cheaper for them to outsource the job. What costs $50 an hour here in the United States only costs pennies in a foreign country.

We buy products made in China because they save us money, even if they cost our country jobs.

China wouldn’t be importing so many products to this country if Americans were not the ones demanding them.

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