Letters, Letters Yes, I Get Letters

Letters, Letters Yes, I Get Letters
By Ray Hanania
Southwest News-Herald Newspaper Friday Feb. 1, 2013
(Email me at rayhanania@comcast.net or send me a letter to PO Box 2127, Orland Park, IL., 60804)
Dear Mr. Hanania,Paul Lisnek interviewed Betty Loren-Maltese on WGN Radio recently. During the interview Betty said you tried to blow up her building and threatened her daughter. I was surprised she could say that on radio.

Mike in Clearing

Dear Mike in Clearing,

First of all, why are you listening to WGN? And Paul Lisnek, too? The guy is a B-Player in journalism, never amounted to much other than hosting a no-issue show on Comcast Cable from Springfield, where he rubbed baby oil on his guests. Lisnek is a no-talent loser, but Betty is even worse, a convicted felon and pathological liar. Eight years in the Hoosegow wasn’t long enough for stealing $12 million. She should have gotten more. More troubling is who does her makeup. She looks like a clown.

Dear Mr. Hanania,

I used to listen to Jake Hartford (Jim Edwards) every Saturday. You’re right. He was a great radio host.

Ellen in Oak Lawn

Dear Ellen in Oak Lawn,

I knew Jim for a long time, when he was working for WBBM TV and Walter Jacobson was just learning how to hop up and down in his TV chair to get his face in range of the TV camera. He had a great sense of humor. He never lied and said I tried to blow up his building.

Dear Mr. Hanania,

I know you write a lot about the Middle East. Is that ever going to happen or will Americans be stuck paying all the bills?

Jill in Burbank

Dear Jill in Burbank,

We can’t have peace in the Middle East until we break the hold that the extremists have over people. So far, the extremists are more active, more committed and scream louder. The moderates, on both sides, are tired and have poor leaders. Maybe President Obama, in his last term, will force Israel and the Palestinians to end their conflict.

Dear Mr. Hanania,

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Do you support that legislation?

QS in Oak Lawn

Dear QS in Oak Lawn,

Yes, I think the legislation will achieve its main goal to significantly reduce the number of people driving on the street without insurance. People don’t need a driver’s license to drive a car, just a watchful eye to avoid the police. It’s when they crash in to you that you have the problem. They have no insurance. This bill will allow them to get a driver’s license as long as they have insurance and I think that’s a good thing. But then, I am the son of an immigrant who came here in the 1920s from Palestine. I wonder if this country would have let my dad into the country today? He and his brother went on to serve honorably and with courage in World War II, and I served during the Vietnam War.

Dear Mr. Hanania,

What did you think of the inauguration?

Fadi in Chicago

Dear Fadi in Chicago,

I think Obama may finally toughen up this final term in office. I love Michelle Obama. She’s a great First Lady. But, I’m upset that Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem. I think that’s disgraceful. Why not just play the National Anthem instead of have a singer fake it? I’d rather have seen kids from one of our local schools sing the national anthem. Live and better!

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist. Reach him at http://www.TheMediaOasis.com.) — City & Suburban News-Herald

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