Land is the issue in Israel-Palestine conflict

Land is the issue in Israel-Palestine conflict

 By Ray Hanania
Stealing someone’s land is the same as stealing someone’s life. Taking their home, their land and forcing them out onto the street, what Israel has been doing systematically based on race since 1948, is a form of terrorism.

The Israelis have been doing everything to force non-Jews to leave Israel, as a part of their plan to build a state based on religious racism. And when they are not pushing non-Jews out, they are confiscating the land prohibiting non-Jews from expanding and building homes. Once again Israel is stealing more land to build settlements around East Jerusalem. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is right to stand his ground and demand that Israel stop.

It’s not the Arabs who are defining this conflict in religious terms. It is Israel. Israel is using religion as a cover for its land theft. American Christians, especially, should see that Israel’s actions are undermining the rights of Christians. When Israel refers to “non-Jews,” they are not just talking about Muslims. They are talking about oppressing Christians, too.

The Israeli term “non-Jews” is so repulsive. It suggests that Muslims and Christians are subhuman and have no rights. As a real Christian, I can’t accept that. Even in peace, Israel should be forced to respect the rights of all people, Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Many American Christians think it is all right for Israel to discriminate against non-Jews because they hate Muslims. What they refuse to see is that many of Israel’s victims are Christian.

How can American Christians sit back silently and watch as their own are fed to the lions by Israel’s discriminatory policies. It is such unchristian behavior that it raises questions as to whether or not American Christians can be called Christian at all. Instead of protecting the rights of Christians and Muslims, the Obama administration is pressuring Abbas to surrender at the negotiating table.

That’s the same as allowing North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un to invade South Korea, take all of the land, and unify the Korean Peninsula. Why fight to prevent the North from taking all the land in the South? Giving the land to the North would end the conflict and bring about “peace.”

Peace is not peace if it is not based on justice and compromise. Peace is not peace if it results from unilateral pressures and forced concessions. Abbas must continue to demand that Israel make concessions in exchange for an end to the conflict. In reality, the conflict will not end simply by signing a worthless “Peace Agreement.” Egypt and Jordan have both done that.

Peace must be fair and based on international laws. That means Israel has to either return all of the land it occupied since 1967 and dismantle the racist settlements, like Gilo, or take an equal amount of land in Israel and give it to the Palestinians in exchange. That’s compromise.

Jerusalem must be an international city, a city accessible to all religions, not just one. Why are American Christians not standing up to defend the rights of Christians in Jerusalem?  I am mystified at how easily American Christians are so willing to abandon Jerusalem, and nail their rights to a new cross.

Many Palestinians are willing to live with Israel and accept a compromise based on fairness and justice. But both sides must make compromises. Freezing settlement expansion isn’t just a Palestinian demand; it is a demonstration of sincerity that Israel genuinely wants peace.

But I don’t think Israel’s government or the majority of its people really want peace. They want everything, all of the land. They want to expel all of the “non-Jews” from that land, including Christians.

Israel must respect the rights of Christians and Muslims. Israel must show that it genuinely wants a just peace based on fair compromise. The burden is on Israelis, who occupy the seat of power in this relationship – for the time being anyway – to demonstrate that they are not using their power to impose more injustice, but rather are willing to negotiate a final end to the conflict that results in two-states – one Israel and one Palestine.

If that’s not the case, then Israel’s future is bleak. Even though Israel has the upper hand today, it won’t always. One day, if the conflict continues as it is, even nonviolently, Palestinians will take back all of the land. I just hope they don’t do to Jews what Jews are doing today to “non-Jews.” Although frankly, I think Palestinian Muslims and Christians would be far more generous to Jews than the Jews have been to them.

This conflict isn’t about religion. It is about one religion acting selfishly, and against its own religious principles, too, by taking all of the land and denying rights to “non-Jews.”

One hundred years from now, when historians look back, they won’t be wondering why Israel no longer exists. Just as time is ticking on peace based on the two-state solution, time is also ticking on Israel.

— Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @RayHanania

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