Tax Rates Not Really Linked to Home Values

Tax Rates Not Really Linked to Home Values
Southwest News-Herald Friday, June 28, 2013

Let’s get one thing straight. State and County government a long time ago realized they had to create a system to calculate taxes that would take the burden of responsibility off their backs and put them someplace else.

That someplace else is the convoluted, complicated tax system where your property’s value is “assessed” by the Cook County Assessor, equalized by the State of Illinois, adjusted by county government “exemptions” and “increases,” and then multiplied by the state tax rate.

If you ever wanted to watch Bud Abbott and Lou Costello convert their famous “Who’s on First” routine into a “Who’s Raising Taxes” routine, you might get the point.

In reality, that complicated system doesn’t determine your property taxes. It’s there to confuse the hell out of everyone so that your eye is off the ball.

The person who sets Cook County Taxes is Cook County Clerk David Orr, the phony “reformer” who has been using his “government” office as a base to support his do-gooder pals who rarely do good, like Congressman Luis “Where’s Mine” Gutierrez and Ald. Ricky “Always in a Scandal” Munoz.

Orr starts the whole downward slide into oppressive property tax confusion by collecting data from local governments. Your property taxes, folks, are not based on the state’s stupid “Who’s on First” formula, but rather on the spending of government.

What your governments spend determines your property tax.

For the first time in years, you are going to get hammered with property tax bills “on time,” which means earlier than normal. You probably already noticed that your bank increased the estimated mortgage collections each month, if you have a mortgage. That’s because the county has been notoriously late — hammering you with property tax bills after the elections.

Yes, the county artificially manipulates the process to minimize the property tax pain on themselves, not you.

Carefully look at your property tax hodgepodge of confusion. The bill breaks down what each government spends in real dollars. Compare it to past bills.

If your property tax is going up, it’s because your local governments are spending more and more, and giving you less and less, in many cases.

The worst offender is the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, which has less to do with “reclamation.” The Deep Tunnel Project has stumbled to a halt. It’s not doing what it promised. The tunnel is always already filled with water long before the bad rains even hit. All you have to do is look outside during any rain to see that.

Next is David Orr, the Cook County Clerk whose office spending continues to be unjustified. He uses his office to manipulate vote results to favor his pals. He wants to make it “easy” to vote but in reality all the loosening of the vote rules does is make it easier for people to steal votes. Many taxpayers just don’t want to vote.

There’s nothing wrong with increased government spending if you can identify where it is going. Is it doing something? Do you have a new stadium that might bring in revenue in a good economy? The poor economy has made our problems look even worse. Do you have more police officers on the streets? Or is your government giving away tax dollars as incentives to private developers building fancy condominiums like those in Orland Park?

Read your bills folks.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and former Chicago City Hall reporter. You may reach him at and follow him on Twitter at

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