Ray Hanania Video Commentary: Morsy and the struggle for Democracy in Egypt

Egyptian’s have very few real choices, but if they succeed in ousting their first-ever Democratically elected President, Mohammed Morsy (Morsi) through protests rather than through an election process, then Democracy may be dead and the Arab Spring will have been little more than one tyrant movement trying to take control from another tyrant movement. Hanania argues that Democracy, not protests, the military or violence, should be the reason for a succession in government. The most important objective for Egyptians is to protect the newly created Democracy, even if the first few Democratic steps have been missteps and filled with challenge. Democracy does not promise great leadership. Democracy promises only a process in which the people exercise their will to select a leader, good, bad or otherwise.

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  1. You made some interesting points until “Arabs are culturally a very emotional people.” And with everything thereafter you lost me.

  2. I think the point that Arabs are emotional comes int he context of their being oppressed, as I noted. Their history is one of oppression and they were denied their right to free speech. They only had limited speech, approved speech and approved opinions. Emotion is a consequence of being unable to vent. And more than anyone else, Arabs have been culturally suppressed and politically oppressed.


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