Term Limits Will Limit Voice of Voters

Term Limits Will Limit Voice of Voters
Southwest News-Herald Newspaper, Friday August 30, 2013
By Ray Hanania

There are three kinds of people in Illinois who advocate for “term limits.”
The first is the candidate who got trounced at the voting booth. The second is the do-gooder groups who are built on the need to destroy good government to advance their own personal agendas. The third are leaders of movements that can’t seem to win, like downstate Republicans who would love to takeover Illinois, but can’t. 

The truth is “term limits” is really an effort to shortcut a good system where the voters go to the polls and vote on who should represent them.

If the voters don’t want someone to represent them, they will vote them out of office. That’s the only form of “term limits” Illinois and America needs.

Term limits is an effort by losers to find a fast-track to offices they can’t win on their own by going directly to the voters.

Do-gooders love to hammer politicians because that’s how they exist. They’re like the extremists who throw fuel on the Middle East conflict. If the conflict were ever resolved, the extremists would be out of jobs. In effect, that’s exactly what would happen to the do-gooders, out of jobs!

The fact is if you are a corrupt politician, the Justice Department, not the do-gooders, will be your demise.

And, if you want to win office, advocating “term limits” only means you have no respect for the intelligence of the voters.

I don’t support term limits because as a voter, I want to be able to choose who should represent me. I don’t want back-seat driver do-gooders to take that right away from me. As voters, you don’t want them to take that right away from you either.

The best term limit solution is to vote at the polling place.

Only the losers complain when someone wins, losers who are the minority vote. The winner has the backing of the majority of voters who care. Why should voters who care be penalized because they are more active, they are engaged, they participate and support government in power?

Term limits do nothing to improve government. All it does is remove someone who otherwise would have the backing of voters.

I am not in favor of denying the majority of voters what they want. Neither should you.

The lazy losers should get off their asses and work harder. Stop whining, the one characteristic of do-gooders that is more nauseating than their cries for term limits.

The people who are in government are there, whether you like them or not, because our system of Democracy is based on majority rule. If you are in the minority, go out and influence the voters. If the majority of voters don’t believe you, chances are your ideas suck.

Term limits is the lazy do-gooders shortcut to the clout they can’t get.

And by the way, there are a few incumbents who shouldn’t be in office. I won’t whine. But I will point them out. Hypocrites like Cook County Clerk David Orr — I hope someone strong runs against him this spring — and the Shah of Hypocrites, Cong. Luis Gutierrez (D-4th).

But if they win, I won’t whine and ask that they have term limits. I’ll just sit back and wait until the next election, because this is not Egypt. America is a real Democracy.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and former Chicago City Hall reporter. You may reach him at http://www.TheMediaOasis.com and follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/RayHanania.)

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