Politics Brings Our Nation to the Brink

Politics Brings Our Nation to the Brink
Southwest News-Herald Friday, October 04, 2013
By the time you read this, the nation will either have shut down or, once again, slapped together a last minute plan to keep the government running.

A shutdown would cause great harm, not only stopping paychecks to many Americans but also creating an economic slide that would be devastating.

But none of that really matters. Government has never really cared about the needs of Americans. The threat of a shutdown has caused a lot of anxiety for many in this country, but not our Congress. They only care about themselves.

Here are some fundamental facts.

America is no longer a democratic nation. It is a divided nation. As much as people insist it has nothing to do with race, racism is the driving force that is making the difference in the debate that has made America more divided and more polarized.

The right and left are further apart than they have ever been. Instead of being helpful, the Internet is fueling this divide with both sides inundating social media with hate, anger, incendiary rhetoric and demagoguery.

House Speaker John Boehner saw a chance to destroy President Obama — the black President the right sometimes refers to as “President Hussein” — by wrapping the spending bill in a move to delay the Affordable Care Act, which the right refers to also as “ObamaCare.” If “ObamaCare” is not a racist term, it is a representation of how personal the animosity against the president has become.

Boehner has no problem holding America hostage over “ObamaCare.” Let’s face it. His followers are among the wealthiest. They could live without paychecks probably an entire year they make so much money.

Members of Congress as a whole are filthy rich and couldn’t care less either. They will get paid if the country shuts down because they are excluded from the shutdown.

You might lose your income this week. But you are a Schmoe! And as a Schmoe, you run to one side or the other falling into the trap of anger and hate, screaming at the other side and blaming them.

I think the divide is so great that many Republicans are hoping the nation is brought to a grinding halt. They don’t want a last-minute, “minutes to midnight” compromise.

That’s why the only thing they care about is stopping “ObamaCare.” If they can stop “ObamaCare,” they would deal an embarrassing blow to the president, and that’s what they want. They want to humiliate this president.

Boehner isn’t a leader. He is being held hostage by the fanatics in the Republican party like the new poets of hatred, Senators Ted Cruz and Congressman Ted Poe, both from the state of Texas, which has become the symbol of all that is corrupt in American politics. They’re nuts.

The Republicans know their only hope to win three years from now is to bring America to its knees now, win seats next year in Congress and then, with that record, defeat Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton is a threat.

Instead of destroying America for the cheap goal of defeating the Affordable Care Act, they should work on it to make it better. But members of Congress don’t want “affordable care” because that means “cheap care,” or “incomplete care” and “not enough care.”

The fact is the Republicans “Don’t Care.”

When the world comes to a grinding halt, they know they have far more wealth and resources to outlive the rest of us. And when they do, they think they’ll be able to redefine America in their image. And we all know exactly what that image will be.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist. You may reach him at http://www.TheMediaOasis.com and follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/RayHanania.)

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