Jesus isn’t White, he is an Arab

Jesus isn’t White, he is an Arab

By Ray Hanania

The place where — according to the Christian f...The place where — according to the Christian folk tradition — Jesus was born. The site is located in Bethlehem, precisely in the cave under the Church of the Nativity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s a big, unending debate about whether Jesus is White or is he Black? But I think Jesus has to be an Arab. No other people have suffered as much as the Arabs do today.

Technically, Arabs were not recognized as a people when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the city that would eventually become the home to the Christian religious revolution.

But they existed. They just didn’t know what they were in for in a world that would be scarred over the next 2,000 years by racism, bigotry and discrimination.

There can also be a debate about who is and who isn’t a real Christian, too. That debate would be won by an Arab, which is the culture-of-origin of today’s Christians.   CLICK TO READ MORE

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  1. I honest never thought of the issue of Jesus’ identity this way Ray. Makes sense to me. Thank you.


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