IkhrAss the Comic: Shoving the proverbial shoe up Ikhras’s Ass

IkhrAss the Comic: Shoving the proverbial shoe up Ikhras’s Ass

By Ray Hanania

English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by ...

English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by Carlos Latuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ikhras is a funded by the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. The website defends the warcrimes of Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma, and attack any American Arab who has ever criticized or challenged the tyranny of Syria, which in the past three years has massacred hundreds of thousands of women, children and old men, along with destroying many civilian villages and towns.

To help counter charges of corruption and tyranny, Ikhras seeks to divide the American Arab community, using Jew-hating, anti-Christian racism and by targeting moderate Muslim Americans like the notable writer Hussein Ibish, Palestinian American community leader and activist Ziad Asali of the American Task Force on Palestine, Jim Zogby of the American Arab Institute, and accomplished professional standup comedians like Maysoon Zayid and Dean Obeidallah among hundreds of American Arabs that have achieved notoriety in the West.

Ikhras hides behind anonymity to make its typically scurrilous, false accusations, and libelous assaults against their targets, many of whom are selected by the Syrian regime in Damascus.

The Ikhras hate site has even coordinated its personal attacks with notoriously anti-Palestinian, racist sites like Little Green Footballs, Jihad Watch and Front Page Magazine. In reality, Ikhras is a collaborator with those who seek to destroy Palestine and keep it oppressed.

Why would Ikhras seek to keep Palestinians oppressed? Because without the oppression, extremists like Ikhras would be out of their jobs. They have no qualifications to do anything else except to demonize their own people and to shill from dictatorships like the Assad regime.

Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture. Deut...

Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture. 2003.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Arab fanatic activists, Thabet al-Arabi and Qassem Lufti, whose only consistency is their lifelong difficulty with the English language, exist only because Palestinians suffer. They exploit the suffering to fan flames of vicious bigotry not just against Arabs but against Jews and secular Muslims. And they network with other hate sites like “Uprooted Palestinians” and “KabobFest,” a cabal of evil-doers who were backed by Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and shifted to the pro-Assad activists following Saddam’s collapse and hanging.

The only positive thing Ikhras does is help keep the spotlight on effective Arab activism. Their target list is a who’s who of successful and prominent American Arabs and pro-Palestinian and pro-peace leaders. Being attacked by Ikhras is the equivalent of “being called ugly by a pig.” It’s an honor that is worn with pride. To be hated by haters and those who defend tyranny and oppression, and hypocrites who falsely claim they strive to “liberate Palestine,” is the ultimate honor in the Arab World.

So we take the Ikhras proverbial shoe and shove it up Ikhras’s ass with enthusiasm. We laugh at their outrageous lies knowing that only the forlorn and defeated embrace their ilk.

And we honor the putrid nature of Ikhras with this comic strip, called IkhrAss, which combines the Arabic word “shut up” with a beating with a shoe and a literary water-boarding.




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