Using the power of gruesome images to swing American opinion

Using the power of gruesome images to swing American opinion

By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

The most disturbing aspect of Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip has been the killing of civilians. But the worst part is that Israel continues to insist it is not doing it on purpose, proposing the ridiculous assertion that fighters for Hamas are hiding behind civilian human shields.

Using the issue of “human shields” has made Israel’s multi-million public relations spin more palatable to Americans, whose minds have been numbed into submission to Israel’s misleading and exaggerated propaganda.

But the sheer brutality of Israel’s actions, which have taken the lives of more than 1,100 Palestinian civilians including more than 150 children including babies and infants.

Pro-Israel fanatics, like Alan Dershowitz, argue the death of the civilians and babies is not the fault of Israel, which fires missiles, mortars and high powered bullets, but rather is the fault of Hamas.

Dershowitz cites the “human shield” argument mimicking the official Israeli propaganda that Hamas is “storing weapons” in schools and mosques. Israel has a right to attack those schools and mosques, he asserts.

None of Israel’s claims can be verified because Israel’s military bans independent journalists from covering the conflict. They have already warned journalists that they could be killed and many have been killed, not by Hamas but by Israel. Instead, Israel embeds pro-Israel journalists who work for the government controlled Israeli media – Israel’s media is censored and restricted by politics and pressure. Most of the journalists are covering the conflict from the safety of Jerusalem bureaus, being hand-fed press releases from Israel’s government.

The leading Israeli newspaper is owned by American-Israeli gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson who has tried repeatedly to undermine President Barack Obama. Adelson’s slanderous rag sheet, one of the largest circulated in Israel, has promoted the libel that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are siding with the “terrorists.”

That false accusation has more power than the usual libel Israel’s government uses to defend their war crimes, which is to call someone “anti-Semitic.”

If Kerry and Obama continue on their tract of being fair and applying justice and international law, the Israeli government controlled media will soon by calling Obama and Kerry “anti-Semitic.”

Just wait and watch.

If Hamas fires a missile in response to Israel’s continued attacks, the Israelis claim the targets are civilians. Yet the Hamas rockets are so far less sophisticated than those used by Israel to murder Palestinian civilians. Hamas can’t control their rockets, but Israel can control their fire power. And they know when civilians are in buildings they are destroying. They know when children they kill are playing in parks or on beaches. They know when babies will be killed.

The fundamental fact in this inhumanity, is that Israel wanted this war. Israel wanted to fight Hamas. Israel wanted and provoked Hamas violence between January and June to reinforce its goal of preventing the creation of a Palestinian State.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly admitted recently that he opposes the creation of a Palestinian State. But he didn’t have to admit that. The truth is most intelligent people already knew that Netanyahu’s actions of inciting conflict and fueling animosity in the region was always intended to block the implementation of a Two-State solution.

Netanyahu’s plan in Gaza is clear. He doesn’t just want to destroy Hamas. He wants to inflict as much punishment on the civilians, the same way he inflicted punishment on the civilians of Beirut when Israel and Hezbollah fought in 2006.

If Israel can’t have Gaza, then the Palestinians can’t have it either. And when Netanyahu is done in Gaza, he will turn his hatred towards Palestinians in the West Bank where Israel is fortifying and expanding Jewish settlements.

Americans are numbed into a stupor of ignorance when it comes to Palestine. They have forgotten that Palestine is not the Promised Land for the Jewish people, but rather the land Jesus walked as the Son of God converting people to believe in God’s true message. Jews who believed in the message of Jesus became the first Christians, and those Christians helped build Christianity.

Netanyahu is tearing Christianity down as certainly as he is trying to destroy Hamas.

By sitting back silently and saying nothing as Israeli continues to massacre hundreds and thousands of civilians, including women and children, America is shedding its lost faith as the standard bearer for Christianity.

While American’s soak in the Israeli propaganda in silence, real Christians like Pope Francis are speaking out.

The Pope was in tears over the Israeli killing of babies and children, displaying the true face of Christianity, something sorely AWOL in America.

Palestinians must take those gruesome images of dead babies and shove them in the faces of Americans to wake them up so they can see what their billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to Israel are buying.

Israel may insinuate that Obama and Kerry are “anti-Israel,” but Americans can’t call themselves Christians, as long as they sit back in shameful silence and allow this Israeli-driven massacre to continue.

Ray Hanania is an award-winning Palestinian American columnist managing editor of The Arab Daily News at Follow him on Twitter @RayHanania.

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