The plight of Christians in Israel: The Column on Christian Arabs the newspaper refused to publish

This column was submitted to my editors and they refused to publish it. You decide. American Jewish reporters and columnists can print anything they want about Israel, Jews and even criticism of Arabs and Palestinians. But Christian Arabs are prohibited from criticizing Israel.

The plight of Christians in Israel (and outside, too)

By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

My mother and father were from Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Being Palestinian and Christian means a lot to me.

It’s distressing so many Americans don’t understand the problems that Israel has caused in Palestine. They only see it from one perspective, that Israel is a Democracy and the Arabs are terrorists.

It’s not that way at all.

Palestine was a mandated country under the British. After a lot of lobbying, and violence from Jewish terrorists, the British sent the issue to the United Nations which voted to partition Palestine into “Two-States,” one Jewish and one Arab.

UN Partition Plan, 1947: Yellow areas were to be Jewish. Grey area were to be Christian/Muslim

UN Partition Plan, 1947: Yellow areas were to be Jewish. Grey areas were to be Christian/Muslim

It really wasn’t two states, though. It was six sections that overlapped like a checkerboard.

Arabs, like my family, rejected the Partition. It was a stupid map that made no sense. The two states crisscrossed and anyone with commonsense saw it couldn’t work.

Between the UN vote for partition and Israel’s declaration of independence, Jewish militants launched a war against the Christians and Muslims, taking not only lands designated to be a part of the Jewish State but also areas designated to be in the Arab State, like Galilee. They also grabbed West Jerusalem and most major Arab cities.

It wasn’t until May 15, 1948, a day after Israel declared its independence, that the surrounding Arab countries declared war. By then, Israel had a military foothold on the land and the money and military backing of the United States. The ill-equipped armies of Egypt and Syria tried but failed to push the Israeli backs. Only Jordan’s army , which was British trained and led, was of any substance holding the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which Israel tried hard to take in 1948, too.

During the war, Israel expelled hundreds of thousands on non-Jews (Christians and Muslims), and refused to let them return.

My fathers and his older brother immigrated and settled in Chicago in the 1920s. But in 1948, their mother, brothers, sisters and their nieces and nephews were forced to flee their home in West Jerusalem. They lived in refugee camps in Jordan until the early 1950s when my dad brought them to Chicago.

Israel always wanted the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In 1967, they got their wish, attacking the Arab countries in the face of loud bombastic threats from Egypt’s President Nasser.

Christians in areas like Bethlehem were forced to flee, again.

Israel isn’t a Democracy. It is a Jewish State. Those of my relatives who remained as “citizens” in Israel are discriminated against daily. It’s worse in the West Bank.

It irks me that local congressmen have turned their backs on Christian Palestinians and support Israel blindly. I don’t need to name them. We all know who they are.

Palestinians forced to flee Palestine by Jewish terrorists in 1947 and 1948, settled in a Jordanian refugee camp nd were eventually brought to Chicago

Palestinians forced to flee Palestine by Jewish terrorists in 1947 and 1948, settled in a Jordanian refugee camp nd were eventually brought to Chicago

It is tragic that Americans, who are predominantly Christian, have abandoned Christians in Bethlehem and the Holy Land. Politics has focused instead on Muslims and exploited the growing American fear of Islamic extremism, like what we see today in Syria and Iraq.

Israel is brutalizing Christian Palestinians and American Christians have turned their backs. Why? Because American Christians have been brainwashed by years of biased news media coverage and viciously racist Hollywood movies and TV shows like the racist FX series “Tyrant.”

Believe me when I say both sides have done unspeakable things to each other.

I wish American Christians would wake up and become Christian again. I’m not sure if they have it in them anymore.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning former Chicago City Hall columnist. Reach him at Most of the time, when “acceptable”, Hanania’s columns are published in the Des Plaines Valley News, the Southwest News-Herald, the Reporter Newspapers and the Regional News.)

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