لماذا يزور أوباما إسرائيل؟

لماذا يزور أوباما إسرائيل؟  Obama visit to Middle East بقلم راي حنانيه مباشرة بعد فوزه بمدّة رئاسية ثانية، وقد كان انتصارا سهلا حققه ضدّ منافسه ميت رومني  الذي استخدم قضية إسرائيل كحجر الزاوية لسياسته الخارجية، ها هو الرئيس باراك أوباما… Read More ›

Why an Obama visit to Israel?

President Obama announced he plans to viGiven Netanyahu’s hostility and open opposition to his election, why? Is he keeping his friends close but his enemies closer? Or, is he moving to undermine Netanyahu to help the slow growing peace movement and moderates in Israel?

Party of hope revives itself in Israel

Yair Lapid has shown that there is support for peace in Israel. Now it is time for Palestinians and Israelis to seize the moment and push for peace by rejecting the extremists and fanatics and embracing the moderates. Reject violence and embrace negotiations. Support compromise and be respectful of each other.