Palestinian people

Hollywood: One front we haven’t conquered yet

Good to see two films on Palestinian struggle for freedom against Israeli brutality make it to the Oscars. But the push to break the glass ceiling in Hollywood films is still wanting. 5 Broken Cameras and The Gatekeepers are up for Academy Awards in the Documentary Category. We need so much more to tell our story

Israel’s shameful abuse of civil rights

Palestinian dissident Samer Issawi is imprisoned in an Israeli jail and has set a new record for a hunger strike exceeding 200 days, beyond what Gandhi set or the Irish prisoners of British brutality. Yet the mainstream and Israeli media is ignoring his plight. When it comes to civil rights, Israel’s abuses are often ignored by the press.

يوجد مستقبل للفلسطينيين والإسر ائيليين

يوجد مستقبل للفلسطينيين والإسرائيليين (There is a future for Palestinians and Israelis) بقلم راي حنانيه لقد جاء الصعود المفاجئ لحزب “يوجد مستقبل” بقيادة يائير لابيد الذي استقطب حركة السلام النائمة وحقق فوزا سياسيا كبيرا في الانتخابات الإسرائيلية، جاء ليذكّر الجميع… Read More ›