Arab Radio in Detroit on American politics

The Arab Daily News Radio Show broadcast a special segment Friday July 1, 2016 addressing the American hypocrisy over the terrorism in Turkey, and discussed the abandonment of Iraq by Americans.

Ray Hanania hosts a special broadcast of the Arab Daily News Radio show on Friday July 1, 2016 to discuss the bombings in Turkey, the killings in Iraq of civilians and in Syria, and the racism of Americans against Arabs, Muslims and Chaldeans

We’ll be talking about Hillary Clinton’s efforts to undermine peace for the Palestinians and her denying the “occupation” which will fuel more violence and the need to step up resistance against Israel’s illegal brutal and oppressive occupation …

The more Israel refuses to recognize Palestinian rights, the more Palestinians have an absolute right to fight for freedom …


Also, we’ll talk about the terrorism in Turkey and the hypocrisy of Americans … they love to sympathize with White Europeans who die at the hands of terrorists but don’t seem to care much when the victims are dark skinned, Muslim, Arab or Palestinian …

Does anyone out there NOT think that the war in Iraq opened pandora’s box for al-Qaeda, ISIS and radical religious terrorism throughout the world today? Does anyone not blame former President George W. Bush and the anti-Christ, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Bush and Cheney especially destroyed Iraq … the country is nothing today and will be wiped off the map by fanaticism and corporate greed that is draining every dollar and value out of that country … Iraqi’s don’t know it yet but that country today is insignificant and no one cares about it any more … and it is slowly being wiped off the map and is today insignificant …

And they are doing the same thing to Syria, too

I was with Mayor Rahm Emanuel this past week, too, and he was very courteous and receptive and I hope he will change and improve his relations with American Arabs. We’ll see. But we have to end the politics of anger and dysfunction and understand American Politics and be a part of it, not apart from it.

Click the widget below to listen to the audio podcast or click this link if it does not display:

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